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Ok, an old ignition book shows a very similar coil especially with the two screws on the bottom. That similar coil is an Auto-Lite CR-3033XS.  That coil fits Willys Jeep 1945-49 and Studebaker truck 1938-40.

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Below eBay link is another AutoLite version AL # CR3033XS, a good physical match to your KEM #LC 215 (except I can't tell if your KEM coil has 1 or 2 top connections + hi voltage), AL has 1, your box shows 2.    Vintage KEM catalogs show up once in a while, you might get lucky when a few pages are displayed.

My period AL catalog shows at least one other application for Autolite CR3033XS: 38-40 Studebaker Truck model K-15M  (6 cyl)



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