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info needed on MUSE HORN 6v MESACO

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I recently found this set of vintage horns

I have searched the internet but cannot find any info on this horn



Type 64 1/2

Type 64 2/2

volt 6 phon 100 amp-2.5



probably fifties/sixties because of the 6v ?

What stands MESACO for ?  


Any info on this horn appreciated








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Hi Walt,

thanks for swift reply

I'm from the Netherlands   ...

why do you think they are european ?

I am a collector of memorabilia for more than 40 years and have never seen these before




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Hello Nico,

The Mesaco Muse Horn model that you are asking about appears to fit the early BMW 2002 models from the 1960's before they changed over to 12 volts. I believe that Mesaco is a trade name for the Meiji Sangyo Company of Japan who have been in the auto parts business since 1933.

This information is the result of some very fast research on my part, but I believe it to be reasonably  correct.


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I love the internet :-))

Thanks for the information on this horn.... 

It's allways good to know the origin of the parts in ones collection

Again...thanks and have a nice weekend

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