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  1. I love the internet :-)) Thanks for the information on this horn.... It's allways good to know the origin of the parts in ones collection Again...thanks and have a nice weekend
  2. Hi Walt, thanks for swift reply I'm from the Netherlands ... why do you think they are european ? I am a collector of memorabilia for more than 40 years and have never seen these before regards Nico
  3. I recently found this set of vintage horns I have searched the internet but cannot find any info on this horn MUSE HORN Type 64 1/2 Type 64 2/2 volt 6 phon 100 amp-2.5 MESACO probably fifties/sixties because of the 6v ? What stands MESACO for ? Any info on this horn appreciated
  4. my guess would be Borgward
  5. Hi there this is Nico from Amsterdam Europe... I found this horn in someone's garage It says BOYRIVEN brevete license relai electro pneumatique I know it's european and from a manufacturer in Lyon France Ever seen one like this in the USA ? Any idea on year... 20's 30's ? Any help appreciated regards Nico
  6. thanks for quick reply. I have an original partsbook from lucas early 60's but no Jensen mentioned in this book. As for the rims... I will proceed with my search :-)) Pity you lost your CV8 partsbook... are you sure it isn't somewhere far far away in your barn, garage or attick...... would be very gratefull ... thanks and have a nice weekend nico
  7. my name is Nico and I'm from the Netherlands Europe. A friend of mine is currently restoring a Jensen CV8 1963. Is there someone out there who can tell me what kind of wheels were used on the CV8. There are currently 15 inch wheels 5 hole on the car, not original and slightly bent. Did Jensen produce wheels themselve or did they use wheels from another british mark car ? Also missing on the car are the headlight chrome rings, he has got one and the dimensions are front diameter 153mm back diameter 174mm chrome hight 38mm Any help or hint is welcome and much appreciated thanks Nico
  8. Hi Jim, thanks for swift reply I will post some pictures of the headlight and maybe I wil get some more respons on this headlight thanks again and best regards Nico
  9. Hi, I'm from the Netherlands and I recently found a prewar headlight and I don't know on which car these headlights were used. Maybe someone can help me out Dimensions of the headlight diameter 6,5 inch depth 5 inch coneshaped ( is this good english ?) Chrome housing Clear glass lens Top of headlight has a brass embleem saying PHARES WILLOCO BOTTIN BRUXELLES Chrome ring has inscription Willoco Bottin anexhip Bruxelles Bracket has the numbers N696 S5027 just curious if there is someone out there who knows these lights Any help would be appreciated very much thanks Nico
  10. I´m a new member from the Netherlands...and I would like to find some answers on a vintage headlamp I found recently It´s a rather big bucket with lens and has the following inscriptions Designed for Mazda lamp no 1110 Depressed beam headlamp c.m. Hall lamp co. detroit michigan pat apllied for made in usa 10 49/64 x 9 31/32 partnumber 10093 i.g.c. Have no idea for what type of car this headlamp is.... Please can someone help me out thanks a lot regards Nico
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