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changing rear shocks/strut on 88/89 reatta


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Well after searching for any info i could find on help with trying to remove and replace the rear

shocks, I couldn't find any hints or tricks that helped. after several hours of thought, I finally realized my solution! Use a sawzall and cut the top bolt off flush with the top of the nut. (4 1/2"

grinder will not give enough room to use) Then use a 4 1/2" grinder with a cut off wheel and cut grooves in the stainless  rod verticle. Then you will be able to hold the the rod with a pipe wrench. After doing this I changed both in about 2 1/2 hours or so. mind you they were the originals. Thank y'all for all the information I have already used and the info to come. I hope this will help someone else also. ( cut grooves low as possible on rod to the shock body. then the pipe wrench will hold the rod itself. leaving both hands free to torque the top nut off.)

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I don't have a plasma cutter and I really wasn't too crazy about using a cutting torch due to the gas fill tube is within a

foot. So this is what worked for me. Maybe it will for someone else. Every hint or suggestion I found and tried didn't work in my case. But on same token many thanks for all the things I have learned since buying and trying to save 

my car. Before someone mentions it, I did also remove the plastic caps and use a t45 torx. The holes were too rusted.

I'm pretty sure they were the factory shocks. 

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