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Trunk Weatherstrip

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Trunk WeatherstripCan some direct me with the orientation of the trunk seal? I installed it with then flap going outwards from the trunk and it looks awful. Should the seal be fully concealed fully by the trunk lid? I glued it down only on the flat part of the car.

Thanks Again 





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I believe that the flap goes over the lip on the inside of the trunk and the round part of the seal fits in the groove. The glue should go on the trunk side of the lip, the round part of the seal does not get any glue.


I may not be correct, but I thought that the fender welting on Lincolns was always body color, not black like the Fords and Mercurys.

trunk seal.jpg

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Thanks Tom

I checked all over the net for pictures of the seal and some showed the metal lip,  I felt it was wrong with the lip facing outwards but the lip was so flimsy it would have been broken off when the lid was closed. The issue is when the lid is closed it tends to pull the rubber inwards at the top. It would be quite easy to redo. The fender welting may be painted later, the time was short at the body shop so we just installed it with the fenders. Would be nice if photos were available for all the weatherstrip, I cannot get to the Lincoln shows to see what they should look like.

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Here is a photo of the seal installed in my Mercury. Your Lincoln should be the same. I felt the same about the lip being so flimsy, so I put the glue on the seal side of the trunk lip. I did about 2' at a time so the glue would not set up before I had a chance to get the seal in place correctly. The seal I used is the one with the hollow core, it seems to move around less when the lid is closed and seals much better than the solid core.


Here is the link to Bob Drake's site with the seal. If you need a piece longer than 15', give them a call to see if they can provide it.



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Thanks Tom.

Yours look's good, mine moved when the lid closed. Today I used masking tape to hole it in place while I closed the lid and it seems to work. I will measure the length and check with them. Always appreciate the help from the forum. Could not do it otherwise.

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