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1923 Buick pistons

Barry R

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Need advise, I’m not an expert and need help.

rebuilding my engine and I am fitting new pistons.

l’ve got new pistons to fit and new wrist pins.

but my question is, should the piston be fitted permanently to the wrist pin?

should there be split pins though the pistons and the wrist pins?

Am I right in thinking the wrist pins could start turning in the pistons.

There  are two holes?


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Yes there has to be a way of securing the pin. The original way - not that good, was a cotter pin in one of the holes . If  they are new pistons the likely way will be a snap ring groove in the outside ends of the pin . Turning isn't the issue, the pin coming out and scoring the cylinder is the problem. Snap rings should come with new pistons. 

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