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1920'a Car Titles


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I am trying to get a Louisiana tag for my 1923 Hudson but they didn't have titles then and my state won't issue me a license without one. I bought the car from Denmark where the owner never titled the car to avoid Denmark taxes.  I have a bill of sale but that won't work.

Does anyone have any suggestions? I did get a State Police inspection certificate but apparently that is not enough.


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FL has provisions for titling a vintage vehicle which has never been titled before.  I just did it for my 1920 Cole car.  Do you have a friend in FL?  If so, 'sell' it to them using an official FL DMV Bill of Sale (Form HSMV 82050).  Also sign a Certificate of No Lien against the car...there is no form for it, just write and sign a statement to that effect.  Bring it to FL for a FL serial number check by any police.  With those 3 documents, it can be titled in FL and then 'sold' back to you using the new FL title.  If you have a friend in some other nearby state, check their titling requirements.  They may have some similar process.

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Check out Louisiana RS 32:707 .

D.(1) If a certificate of title has not previously been issued for such vehicle in this state, said application, unless otherwise provided for in this Chapter, shall be accompanied by:

            (a) A proper bill of sale, or sworn statement of ownership, or a duly certified copy thereof, or such other evidence of ownership as the commissioner may in his discretion require; ...


Also Section L. The club membership requirement is interesting.

 L. The office of motor vehicles shall issue a certificate of title for antique, classic, or vintage vehicles as defined in this Chapter when there is no current record of ownership to base the issuance of a new title on, provided:

            (1) The applicant has provided to the office of motor vehicles a statement from the state police auto theft division obtained by a local law enforcement agency confirming that based upon a check by photo or rub of a vehicle body identification plate the vehicle is not listed as stolen.

            (2) The sales tax based upon purchase price is paid.

            (3) The applicant has provided a statement attesting to his membership in an organized automobile club.


Seems at least here, the DMV offices often do not know what their own laws are

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