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Replacing rear axle hub seals 1938 Special Series 40

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Hi all,


what I thought might have been leaking wheel cylinders appears to be leaking hub seals. So looking for advice from those that might have been there, done this. 

From what I gather there is an inner and an outer hub seal on each side. 


From what I understand reading the shop manual the axles have to come out after removing a C clip in the differential.  Does this require any adjustment when put back together?

So I need to allow room for the axle to come out in my Garage on one side.


I also gather that the wheel bearing needs to be removed to replace the outer seal. Is this similar to modern bearings where the shrink ring retainer needs to be split to allow the bearing to come off.


If so are new rings available? 

Also read where the replacement seals need to be trimmed to the correct thickness before they will fit.


I had refreshed the differential oil some months back and had good results with no leaks at the cover plate, so I’m really thrilled to have to go in there again! 😢😢😢

As always, any advise is greatly appreciated, And free accomodation and meals given to all those who would like to show me how to do this (In Australia)😀😀😀😀😀

Cheers Rodney 😀😀😀😀😀


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There ARE Inners and Outers, and I sell four packs all the time...

Being N.O.S. U.S.A. made , they are Perfect....


I could believe that Chineseum made reproes could be an issue ---

That world of garbage parts is frequently an issue....


E mail here if you want them.... Craig...

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To answer one question: removing the axles is quite easy. you have to remove the pin that goes through the differential gears. There is a cross bolt that holds the pin. Once the pin and spacer are out you can push the axles in and remove the clip, then pull them out. If you turn things the diff gears may fall out so you might want to stick something in the hole to keep things in place. Adjustment isn't really an issue. There is a spec, I think .008 but not critical. If less that .025 I wouldn't be concerned. There used to be oversized blocks but good luck finding that. 

 Re the seal: I never heard of trimming one. 

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