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Early 30s Dairy Delivery Trucks & Pickup - Northeast PA


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I found these old photos of a local defunct dairy farm in Northeastern PA and would like help to identify the trucks in this photo. Early 1930s Dodge Brothers? Chevrolet? Clearly visible are the wood spoke wheels and cowl vents on the delivery trucks, as well as the mid-windshield height rear-view mirrors.

The same farm later had a 1941-1946 Chevrolet truck as well as a 1937 Dodge 1.5ton.


Any help would be appreciated!

Thank you.



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Hello 58L-Y8, your guess seems to be well founded. Based on this 1930 Paige Dealer brochure I found online, it seems to match exactly the milk delivery trucks out front of the bottling house. Thank you very much!


Anyone have any idea on the pickup to the right?





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