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  1. Hello 58L-Y8, your guess seems to be well founded. Based on this 1930 Paige Dealer brochure I found online, it seems to match exactly the milk delivery trucks out front of the bottling house. Thank you very much! Anyone have any idea on the pickup to the right? https://www.autopaper.com/1930-paige-dealer-prestige-sales-brochure-commercial-car-panel-coca-cola-woody.php
  2. I found these old photos of a local defunct dairy farm in Northeastern PA and would like help to identify the trucks in this photo. Early 1930s Dodge Brothers? Chevrolet? Clearly visible are the wood spoke wheels and cowl vents on the delivery trucks, as well as the mid-windshield height rear-view mirrors. The same farm later had a 1941-1946 Chevrolet truck as well as a 1937 Dodge 1.5ton. Any help would be appreciated! Thank you.
  3. Dear all, I have recently become the owner of a 1952 MKVII (733124) and am undertaking some deferred maintenance, etc. Could any of you point me in the direction of some good retailers for parts within the US? Cheers, Jan
  4. As contrast to that '540K' coming up for auction, I find the 500K Cabriolet A that Gooding&Co is presenting at Scottsdale absolutely stunning. 1935 Mercedes-Benz 500 K Cabriolet A | Gooding and Company
  5. Just sold yesterday for $186,500 including premium at Bonham's auction. Gullwing Motors is never slow in flipping a car. I wonder if they bought the spare Tipo 8A engine as well? It sold for just under $10,000. Bonhams 1793 : Ex-Nathan Clark and Gerry Albertini, one-of-two Lancefield bodied Isottas, offered publicly for the first time since 1961,1931 Isotta Fraschini Tipo 8A Two-Door Faux Cabriolet Chassis no. 1677 Engine no. 1677
  6. To slightly go off the 500/540K discussion, Would anyone have more information on this stunning pre-war Mercedes that is currently down at D.L. George Coachworks?
  7. Actually, that is what I have already done. I can't believe the size of that vent though! Jeez, it is as thick as the exhaust pipe. Otherwise, thanks for the advice on the starter too. The engine will remain stock for now. We shall see what the future brings!
  8. Believe it or not, I ended up finding head bolts at Lowes. Just made sure they were Grade 8 and off I went! I think it was $1.35 or so? Couldn't beat that. I bought a couple for the heck of it. Otherwise, I did find a starter! But the armature was bad so it took me a little while, but I ended up finding a nice NOS armature on eBay for half the price a dealer/distributor offered me.
  9. Jason, Just responded to your e-mail. I appreciate your help. Jan
  10. Sadly Northwesternauto did not have a starter for me. I am sure I will find one eventually; it is just taking more time than I thought it would. Again, I really appreciate all of your help! Jan
  11. Still am having problems finding a starter. Perhaps someone may have a better idea?
  12. Hello Everyone, Here we have a 1936 Buick Series 80 Roadmaster project for sale. It was last on the road in 1952. It has a solid chassis, however the wood body framing needs to be repaired. The motor turns over and in fact RUNS very well without knocking or smoke. The clutch works as do all the gears. Brakes need to be redone. There is no interior in the car. The steering wheel and gauges are in good condition, even the locking steering column. All the tires hold air and have been holding air since April. All hubcaps are on the wheels and there is an extra. The original air-cleaner for the car
  13. Thanks, hopefully that will help! By chance, does anyone have a parts interchange guide for a starter? Perhaps some other GM starters (considering they were all Delco-Remy) would fit?
  14. Thank you, Dan. I sent Northwestern Auto Supply an e-mail. Also Jason, I sent you an email with my contact information. Thanks again, I hope these two sources work out.
  15. Hello everyone, I recently purchased a 1939 Pontiac straight-8 motor that is mostly complete but is missing a starter. I have been having difficulties locating one. Would anyone know of a good source? Or even better, an idea if any other starters worked from other engines (cross-referencing)? Also, which sites or dealers do you recommend for engine parts? I need distributor internals (points, rotor, and condenser) as well as a head gasket. Oddly enough, I am missing one head-bolt. Any ideas where to source another? Thank you and best regards, Jan
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