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Car cover recommendations


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I'm looking to buy a fitted car cover for my 65 couple. I'm currently using a Budge #4, but it is too small.  Car is mostly indoors, but I'd like the option for short periods of outdoors.


Any recommendations?  Mostly interested in fit, company credibility and quality. Would prefer made in USA, but not sure that is possible. 

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Go to www.covercraft.com

The pattern for your car is C68 (the low number indicates the pattern was probably done in 1964)

The nice thing about Covercraft.... they have so many different materials it makes the decision hard. 

For mostly indoor with so outside storage Block it 380 will work. (3 year warranty) 

NOAH is a heavier duty version of the same material and has a 4 year warranty. 

Walk thru the process and get their price...... then contact me and I will give you my price, which should be

about 10% cheaper and I pay the shipping.       512-869-5114


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