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VIN # for Barney


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Barney and others


I found this Reatta in a salvage yard in MN.  Vin # (no glasses, so hope it is right):  1G4EC13C41B906343.  It is black/tan with a sunroof.  Looks to have been sold when new by Miller Buick/Ford in Fairfield, CT.  I bought the owner's manual, but it is not complete.  Has the manual though, plus a plastic key holder that I have never seen before.  Also, in the console was a styrofoam type thing that appears to be a cassette holder.  Never seen one of those before either.  It is formed to fit, so looks to be a GM part.  Not sure.  Bought the floor mats though not great (faded).  Will know better when cleaned up.  Not sure how long this car was in MN, but it appears to be rust-free.  I think it had about 151K miles.  First time I have found a Reatta in a salvage yard.  Was hoping the steering wheel was nice...it wasn't.        

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Nice find, BGL. With the sunroof, that's a fairly rare color combination. (The VIN is actually LB906343)


For 1990, there were only 530 units of RPO 41U Black Reatta coupes built.


However, there were only 70 units built as Black with RPO 664 Saddle and the RPO CA1 Sunroof.


There is a lot more information about Reattas in my book All 1988-1991 Buick Reatta Colors, Codes & Quantities.


Best, Robert

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