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Help Identifying Distributor


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I just purchased a 1933 Plymouth PD last week.  The car is great but sat for a few years and not running.  I am giving it a major tune up and trying to identify the distributor in the car.  It does not appear to be an original.  The parts that NAPA had in stock for the original do not match what's in the car.  Can anyone identify this distributor from the pics attached?


These are the numbers I can make out on the id plate:
4003 - 1  6 - P 042642


Any and all help is greatly appreciated!!!


id plate.jpg



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Crazyred,    the 33 Plymouth distributor should be a Delco unit, however someone has changed it to an Autolite dist.  The numbers on the data plate are not typical Autolite numbers, so maybe it is a Prestolite unit.     I have the parts you have pictured, but need to know which one of the bases is correct for that distributor.   See my picture below.   The base on the left has a raised donut around indexing hole at the top of the base.   The other one has a recessed donut around that top hole.    Moveable arm is the same.   You can contact me at  402-359-5762  or tsvanmeet@gmail.com


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plymouthcranbrook,   as you might guess, we specialize in ignition parts and  we deal with this type of stuff all the time.   Guy calls up and orders points, rotor and dist cap for a 1925  Henway.    Calls back about 10 days later and says "you sent me the wrong parts"    No I sent you the correct parts for your 1925 Henway,  someone has changed the distributor.    Then the guessing game starts.

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Thanks to both of you for the info.


Old buick after more digging and looking at the id plate, the dist i believe is a autolite model igs 4003-1. Under the corrosion i can make out the igs.  Now napa has the points and condensor but ordering cap and rotor. If they are incorrect,  do you carry these parts?  

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