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All-Buick Open, Aug. 22, 2020--cancelled

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Just received this message from the Puget Sound Chapter in Washington state--too late to put this in the August issue of the Buick Bugle:


The All-Buick Open on Aug. 22nd has been cancelled.  I know it is too late to appear in The Bugle - I just wanted to let you know.  It will be held next year in  June and we are hoping for a great turnout.
Take care and stay safe,
Martha Davis
Treasurer/Pre-registration Buick Open
Puget Sound Chapter
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Thanks Pete;

That is too bad as that is a popular event which usually attracts 150 Buicks in nice weather and still around 100 if the weather looks rainy.  The Canada/US border is closed to August 21 at least now, so I wouldn't have been able to go even if it was on. 


Thanks for posting!


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