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Head Lamps


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OK guys, I'm sure someone has asked this question before, but I'm not good at finding old posts on this forum.

Could someone tell me the correct sealed beam and markings  used on the 41 specials? Also the best source for locating them.

Thanks for any help.


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Hi Eddie:


I don't know anything about sealed beams, other than that my '41 has them and replacements are readily available from multiple suppliers.  Here, for example:




But I suspect you're not just asking where to get a replacement headlight for your car.  When you say "the correct sealed beams and markings used on the '41 Specials," it sounds like you're asking what specific brand and type of sealed beams were part of the original equipment when the cars left the factory.  Is that right?  Are you concerned about judging?  Again, this is something I'm not familiar with, but if that's your question, maybe someone with expertise about judging criteria can chime in here and help you out.  For what it's worth, here is the entire entry under "head lamps" in Bill Anderson's book "Restoration Facts 1941 Buick."




Anderson's book is intended to "provide owners, restorers, judges, and appraisers information to assist in restoring, maintaining, or judging authentic, as manufactured and delivered 1941 Buicks."  You can get a copy here:





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Have you seen this? Scroll down to Chev Nut's post:




Yes I know it is Chevrolet, but since its GM and Guide Lamp division the chances are very good that Buick was using the same bulbs.


One More...





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