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Polished aluminum versus Chromed engine heads for a 1941 Continental


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I've heard horrors about polished (or unpolished) aluminum heads, which would be the correct type used in a 1941 Lincoln Continental but I heard about somebody doing the service of converting regular steel heads to appear to be the original polished aluminum heads, even up to disguising the part numbers. Is this the case? Can anybody let me know a bit more about it and the contact ot who does this service? 





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Sounds like a great option that I will consider, thanks! But I heard somebody did the job of actually changing the original markings to ressemble the original aluminum heads. I would love to find out who does that.

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i know a guy has some of those brand new ( 5 years old or so Scoebel aluminum heads, they 

are the only way to go.. new clean light and correct...and after chrome and such, 

prob about same expense....they go for a couple grand..

i've got some iron heads i ground smooth and painted aluminum, they looked 


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Thanks! I guess I will take your route of polishing and having them painted with some chrome look alike coating.

It is just that I read an old article somewhere that showed that some shop or supplier did the work even modyfing the numbers or marks to reseemble the real aluminun heads.

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