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1919 Buick rear hub removal

Alan G

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Hi all, to replace a rear wheel bearing in my Buick I obvioulsy must remove the wheel and hub. I made a fast attempt at it earlier buy decided to stop to make sure I was doing the correct thing. The wheel bearing has slight play in it when rocked. The hub cap and nut are removed, the shaft and woodruff key are not binding on the drive flange as they can be tapped in and pulled out slightly, I am assuming the bearing shell is just stuck to the stub, I fitted a bearing splitter to the hub and I can fit a puller to it to pull the hub off from against the shaft, is this ok to do or has anyone experience with a better method. Thanks



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Rear hub removal depends on whether the car is a 4 or 6 cylinder model.

If 4 cylinder, then hub must be pulled from  the axle shaft.

If 6 cylinder, then remove the 6 acorn nuts and pull the entire axle shaft and driving flange out by hand - no puller should be necessary.

Then you will see a large nut that has to be removed and the wheel can be pulled and the bearing will be accessible.  Picture below should be close enough for 1919 model.


rear hub 6 cyl.jpg

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