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1941 trivia question


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On 5/18/2020 at 2:58 PM, kgreen said:

I don't have good pix of the rear door installation, but here are two at the front door.  







They look smaller than the ones in the middle matched to photo being a 2 door car - not sure they go there - I do recall cars that had them though that I have owned. 

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The only explanation I would have for yours being smaller is that reproduction parts typically have variations.  For instance the repro door sills are two piece versus the originals being one piece.  The second piece in the reproductions is located in the rear (or front?) of the sill plate where the piping fits just under the sill.  I've noticed the second part as it is not part of the stamped form but has been added and held into place with tabs.  That probably saves money in the process.


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