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Buick 55 century in Windsor grey color, how?!


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Wanna see a photo or video of a Buick 1955 century convertible in “Windsor grey” color. Found the color on charts but wanna see a car like an example cos I just can’t figure out how it really looked in real life


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A gray convertible would be a rather unusual choice.

Convertibles, considered to be sporty models, tend to

be painted in brighter colors.  Therefore, it might be

harder to come up with a picture of a gray '55 Buick



I saw a listing of 1973 Cadillac colors, by usage.

It listed the percent of production that was made in

each color.  I recall that gray was the least popular

color for the convertible.


My own 1961 Imperial was originally dark gray metallic

from the factory.  It reportedly sat a long time on the

dealer's lot, and the buyer, a woman, immediately had it

repainted in a yellow-cream color.

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When I was growing up our next door neighbor had a 1956 Buick Century Convert, Gray with a black/white interior. It was very sharp looking. In 1960 they bought a new ‘60 Buick Invicta 4dr. (became my first car in 1969) and the Century was then parked outside as we all had one car garages. Deterioration ensued and it was eventually traded in on a ‘65 Electra. Man, I loved that Century, it was a beautiful car!

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