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Dynaflow Transmission Puzzle

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who is the Dynaflow  Man or Woman ? My 58 Buick Special has a weird problem. When its started from cold it will not move in "D" DRIVE but will in "L" Low and Reverse. When the car is warmed right up it then works fine all day until I switch it off and leave it over night then its the same again. I have a feeling its something minor and need to find out before I have it rebuilt. Any body had this problem?

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2 hours ago, Dontlikedynaflow said:

So what causes this? Fluid level ok

Here is your manual online:   https://www.hometownbuick.com/portfolio/1958-buick-chassis-service-manual/?portfolioCats=119


Prime can be lost due to excessive clearances in the front oil pump.  In my case on a low mileage Dynaflow it was transmission fluid that was too thin(I performed a transmission service).  It is to my understanding that transmission fluid in the 50's had a thicker viscosity then today's.  In my case I drained a qt of the new transmission fluid and added a qt Lucas Transmission stop slip.  It thickened the fluid.  Has not lost prime since.  

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Every two or three years I put a pint of Transex in mine and it pretty much takes car of it. If the wear in the pump exceeds the surface tension of the transmission fluid it will drain and lose prime.


I have been thinking about rebuilding mine. I think the first time I thought about it was back in '02. I put it on the list of little annoying things my wife does. Things more trouble to fix than its worth.


I saw the can of Lucas stuff at the parts store, but the charging system and lights were working fine. I didn't want to risk it.


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