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Selden Numbers / Serial Numbers for Moons

Moon Guy

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I am trying to do some research on early Moons and have only found car serial numbers dating back to 1912. I was hoping that maybe Selden tags might have some information that were assigned to Moon. Does anyone have Selden numbers for Moons? Or maybe other serial numbers for Moons made before 1912? What I have so far is as follows:


Motor Age (Feb 2, 1922 Page 69) Model 30 serial numbers 5371-5470, Model 40 SN 6022-7000 and Model 48 SN 7002-7119


The "Accessory and Garage Journal - February 1923 had the same number but I haven't found anything before 1912. Any help or pointing me in the right direction would be appreciated. Moon started making cars in 1906.

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Thank you for the list of numbers. I am curious about the book that these numbers came from. Can you give me the reference? I see from the early information that some of information appears to not match up with my sources from the 1920's. For instance, there was a Model C Moon but the model was only produced from 1907 till 1909 and then the Model 30 used the same wheel base of 110 inches for 1910 and then 114 inches for 1911 and then finally 116 inches for 1912. Also, the "serial" numbers don't match up with two publications from the 1920's. however, your book may be showing the engine number which was not the serial number that Moon had on their dash plate. Confusing?????


Here is a list of Moons for the early years with the proper engines based on what I know from Ads and magazine articles from the period.


1906 - Model A and Model B with Rutenber engines

1907 - Model B & C with Rutenber engine

1908 - Model C & D with Rutenber engine

1909 - Model C & D with Rutenber engine

1910 - Model 30 & 45 with Moon designed T-Head engines

1911  - Model 30 & 45 with Moon designed T-Head engines

1912  - Model 30, 40 & 45 with Moon designed T-Head engines

(although sometime in 1912/1913 Moon started to use Continental 4 cly engines and switched over to Continental engines full time by 1914)

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To part of your question, Selena plate numbers defy any reason nor order.   Manufacturers paid a fee and received a hanfull of plaques, with numbers all over the place.


I doubt you’ll find much correlation between car numbers, Selden numbers, and production numbers...

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Selden Patent Plates were issued in 1903 with the founding of the Association of Licensed Automobile Manufacturers (ALAM). Selden issued serial numbered plates to these member manufacturers based on projected sales. The early list of manufacturers does not include Moon however. If Moon was not an ALAM member no Selden plates would have been issued.  The issuance of these plates was discontinued sometime after Ford challenged the patent rights in 1911. There are some manufacturers that have build sheet records that will show all of the data for each car made. If Moon had build sheet records prior to 1911 or 12 the motor number and serial number (Selden) would be listed assuming they joined ALAM later. A good reference for early Selden Plate research was done by Tom Reese in the Sept./Oct. 1985 and May/June 2000 of the AACA Antique Automobile publication. I had to research this twice for my two one cylinder autos. Good luck in your search.

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Thanks everyone for your responses. Since I am not aware of any Moon with a Selden tag it could be that Moon never was part of that process. We only know of 4 pre-1912 Moons and i do not believe that any of them had the Selden Tag on them. We also need to do more research on body tag numbers and engine numbers since Moon may have had two different numbers on these early cars. We are missing good reliable information on pre-1912 numbers. If anyone has such data please cite your source along with the numbers. Thank you

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