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leaf springs

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One end is solid mounted in the rubber cushions, the other will slide back and forth. If you have low weight to jack against when you straighten the spring you might need a help from above (see picture), otherwise it jacks into place.



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Oh, I thought you were installing a new ceiling................


Like when I used a telephone pole, a chain and reverse gear to straighten  my front bumper.


Like they say "necessity is the mother of invention".


Mike in Colorado

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32 minutes ago, Tim Wolfe said:

My springs have cups on each end that the blocks fit in, they can not slide.


They all have cups, rubber blocks and are secured by a bolted from underside cast lid. If you do e.g. the rear springs you will notice how the front cups/rubber block/lid and hole in frame is a snug fit - while the rear has maybe 3/4" extra lenghtwise room. I have done the job on two cars and also replaced spring blades = needing to take stuff apart. If you have a bodywork/enough weight on it is simply a matter of 1) Securing the front end and 2) jacking the spring up and watching it slide into place at the rear.

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