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Wanted: Identification


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I would like to obtain the year and confirmation that it is an International for our local Historical Society. It belonged to a local (Louisville, OH) feed mill business--Star Mills, which is the oldest business in Louisville. There is no one left there who knows what it is. I suspect a circa 1920s International.

Star Mills Truck.jpg

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29 minutes ago, paul55 said:

Look above the running board between the 2 people and you will see a large nameplate. This is consistent with Kelly-Springfield trucks.


The Kelly Springfield trucks seem to all have round front fenders whereas the truck in question has some that flatten out toward the running boards.

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   It was suggested this might be a Kelly-Springfield.  I have an old copy of Georgano's Commercial Vehicle Encyclopedia.  It provides 2 photos to compare.  The angle of the front fender at the running board looks like Int'l. A battery box shows on the K-S, but not on the Int'l.  Paul55 suggested the nameplate indicates K-S, but the Int'l has one too as does the "mystery" truck.  The Int'l has 14 spokes in the wheels, but the K-S only 9.  K-S shows a chain drive, but the Int'l does not per Georgano's text. And there was an Int'l dealer in Louisville, but I don't know of a K-S dealer.  Conclusion: it's an Int'l of 1915 to 1920.
   But I would still like to establish the year more closely.
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