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  1. Al, It is from my keeper collection. Paul
  2. Hi Al, Yes, it appears to be drop forged. Paul
  3. Al, I collect automotive hubcap wrenches and came across some possibilities. The one on the left is embossed with CMC Co. and has the 2.5" octagon opening. The wrench on the right is a Timken axle wrench from the 1920's that came in quite a few variations. The variation shown is marked #55449 and came with 1924-29 Cadillacs. The large opening is 2.5 " octagon and the small opening is 1 11/16" hex. With a little machining, you could achieve the desired 1 3/4" opening and have both sizes covered with a single tool. These wrenches are common and there is a Lincoln variation as well. If you search on e-bay "Vintage Timken hub cap wrench" you will find the Timken issued variation. Be sure to verify that the opening size is correct before you order as each variation my differ.
  4. The seller is Garry Carpenter and he can be reached at 218-894-3301. He is located in Staples, MN.
  5. Go to and click on forums. Click on classifieds on menu at top of page. Scroll down and click on antique automobile... The second ad down is a listing for a 1916-17 Maxwell model 25 touring top.
  6. Does anyone know the application for this NOS door handle. It was included with some MOPAR parts.
  7. I have an Alemite lubricator which has a different style handle and is for different type grease fittings. The lubricator is in quite good cosmetic condition with no dings or dents. Price is $30 including shipping.
  8. In 1970 I removed and saved the head bolts from a 1950 Buick. The bolts are mixed in with others. Attached is photo that may be the bolt. Please confirm or provide dimensions and I should be able to locate them. There are 6 lines on top of the head.
  9. You may not find a photo as it is aftermarket. It is a bolt-on tail fin though the curve does not seem right for 53 Pontiac. Does anyone have a Foxcraft catalog from the 1950's?
  10. The Series 80 parts manual (page 98) lists 6 sets of fenders depending on body style. The buyer will need to fit check them unless you have the part number or know the application.
  11. I have the book, Cars made in Upstate NY by James Bellamy which mentions a Babcock owned by Ralph DeAnglis of Stamford, CT. and possibly one other. The book was published in 1989.
  12. There is a 1957 Buick Roadmaster 2 door hardtop posted on the Buffalo, NY Craig's list for $35,000. It looks like a beauty.