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  1. David, Yes, Pierce used Leland-Faulconer gears on the chainless models. The earliest mention seems to be in the 1901 Pierce bike catalog on page 16-17. The statement: "The Leland-Faulconer gears are recognized as the standard gears of the world. They are hardened after cutting and then ground to gauge, and in this manner produce a perfect gear".
  2. Karl, Pierce went through quite a learning curve with coaster brakes trying several vendors beginning in 1899. By 1901 Pierce offered both a Morrow and a New Departure coaster brake. In the 1902 catalog, Pierce issued an apology that the quality of the New Departure is not up to Pierce standards and that Pierce will be machining all brakes in their shop to the New Departure design. These brakes are identified as Pierce New Departure. The Pierce spring fork comprises a main spring and one supporting leaf. Once the spring shackle was added in 1904, no further improvements were made to the fork. The latest Pierce Buffalo catalog I have is 1914 and the fork is still being offered.
  3. The only other tidbit to mention is that Pierce provided bicycles to the Pan-American Police detail. Attached is an ad for the spring fork which was introduced in 1902. Note that there are no spring shackles to separate the leaves. For 1902-03 a leather strip was pinned into place to keep the forks separated. Note that the spring forks could be retrofitted to earlier bikes.
  4. Hi Karl, Perhaps the big event was the Pan-American Exposition in 1901. Pierce was very much involved in that.
  5. Hi Mike, Glancing through the old photos taken at Phil's, there are photos of Phil's second parts truck. It is identified as a 1924 model WD (5 ton) with S/N 5211366 and engine number 4121133. This was a Bell or NY Telephone pole erection truck according to Phil. The cab was in quite solid shape. Not sure where the engine was/is. The contact info in the post above would apply to this truck. Good luck.
  6. This carb was identified as being for 1949-53 Dodge. It is a BXVES-3 in good rebuildable condition. Price is $40 plus shipping.
  7. Pleases post photos of the broken part.
  8. It is brass and approximately 14" X 14". The jar is 3.625" diameter.
  9. Al, here is a brass sidemount bracket. Let me know if you need measurements.
  10. This water pump appears to have a 1-24 mfg date. The debossed number is illegible though it might be 1560806. What is the application?
  11. I agree. The Stewart truck has similar fenders and Renault style hood though they did not have nameplate on side.
  12. Look above the running board between the 2 people and you will see a large nameplate. This is consistent with Kelly-Springfield trucks.
  13. Hi Mike, Here is a shot from Phil's XB though the clarity is poor. The switch panel seems different from the Series 33 & 36 passenger car.
  14. 1953 Chevy passenger car, model 150 & 210 only.
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