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  1. Harm, Are you familiar with the book, Golden Wheels by Richard Wager? The second edition was published in 1986 and it is readily available on-line. It describes the Cleveland auto scene and mentions all of the early makes. There is a section (page 111-112) on the Cleveland and an illustration is shown of the 1903 Cleveland roadster which seems to be your car. The illustration shows tiller steering on this model. Perhaps your car is slightly later as 1904 was the final production year and may have had wheel steering.
  2. I believe that the Diplomat model was for export only and may have had Dodge components (ie L-head 6 cylinder engine).
  3. This trim piece would mount directly behind the bumper to cover the frame end. The bumper mounting bracket would attach through the holes. I have no idea if it is for a Buick.
  4. Thanks for identifying Paul
  5. What is the application for this interior window handle embossed 84756?
  6. What is the application for this interior window handle embossed 2953?
  7. Here is an early English Austin 7 Zenith brass carburetor stamped 22FZ060142 just out of long term storage. The price is $100 plus shipping.
  8. If you search this forum for "1920 Premier" you will find a restoration thread that includes photos of other year Premiers including 1916. I do not think the car above is Premier.
  9. Though the 189 prefix aligns with 1930's Buick, the 149 suffix is not listed.
  10. The "brass tag" is the open choke. There is no brass tag.
  11. What is the application for this Zenith carburetor? It is hand stamped with 22 FZ 060142 on side of bowl.
  12. What is the application of this Marvel carburetor? It has 189149 hand stamped on the bottom. The patent dates on the tag range from 1909-1913.
  13. Al, It is from my keeper collection. Paul
  14. Hi Al, Yes, it appears to be drop forged. Paul