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WTB 1959 Buick station wagon

nik wanger

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Nik, that's a challenging quest, to find a nice

example.  Be sure to check back regularly

(many newcomers do not).  Be sure to edit your

posting to give a phone number where people

can reach you.


You might also give your location, since if you're

in New Mexico, you might not want an example

from New Brunswick or New Zealand.

All the best to you on your search!

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This is Dale w Mopar Heaven in Montana I have a Buick wagon in Ks. I know the front clip is gone and engine is not all there. I will look at it in about a month when I get there if there is any interest it is full of parts so I know the interior is trashed ,probably no tires and wheels but I would guess 57-59 if I remember most of the glass is there. dale.tharp@gmail.com /. 620 332 493two  I don’t have pic.  

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