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Painting wood bodies

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Looking for some advice on how to prepare a wood body for paint. It is an all wood rear tonneau for an '04 Cadillac. We have an original but in rough shape. It looks like seams were covered with gauze. Was the exterior originally covered in some sort of cloth? Ideas on how to cover the seams? Seal wood with polyurethane prior to prime and paint?


Rick Hayford

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Agreed on the use of West System Epoxy to seal the wood before painting. I suggest sealing the inside of the body as well to stop moisture from being absorbed with the change in humidity causing the body to expand and contract. We painted a 1908 Pullman wood body several years ago using this "encapsulation" technique and have seen little or no cracking even with the car stored in an unheated garage here in the Northeast. Regular primers and body fillers can be used over the epoxy with no problems to my knowledge.

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