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My 13k mile 16valve has a problem Houston...


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Short drive yesterday and I saw smoke coming from under the hood. Checked the coolant level, which had been perfect, and it was all of a sudden really low. I'm no mechanic, but I'm nervous this may be a blown head gasket. I won't be able to go in too deep, as I'm already about $2500 into getting into good driving condition with my mechanic and brand new tires. It's flawless, but I may have to find her a new home and not get too far into more repair bills. Sad b/c this car looks like it just rolled off the factory floor.





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Selling that TC in the condition it is in would be a great financial loss to you. Best that you have it checked out so you know what may need attention. 

It all depends on you as to how much you wish to keep the car.  My red 89 TC has over 280 thousand miles on the clock and has had 2 head gaskets while I have owned it, it is a matter of maintenance. I enjoy my car so it is worth maintaining it.  It is your choice here.

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If you need any parts for your beautiful TC give your technician my number.  (or feel free to call me directly).  I am an ex-Chrysler Technician and I specialize in the 16v powered TC's and will be happy to help diagnose any issues you are having. 

You may reach me via email here:  rick___at____rdiperformance___dot___com.  (encrypted for safety precautions).  Email me and I'll send you my phone number as well.  I am available via email during the day and via phone in the evenings.

Rick D.

Your Chrysler TC by Maserati Performance Specialist

www.rdiperformance.com  - visit us online 

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