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  1. I have an appointment to have it gone through next week. Hoping it's just a hose, not a head gasket. If I had your brain, Hemi, It would be a lot cheaper to maintain this beauty.
  2. Short drive yesterday and I saw smoke coming from under the hood. Checked the coolant level, which had been perfect, and it was all of a sudden really low. I'm no mechanic, but I'm nervous this may be a blown head gasket. I won't be able to go in too deep, as I'm already about $2500 into getting into good driving condition with my mechanic and brand new tires. It's flawless, but I may have to find her a new home and not get too far into more repair bills. Sad b/c this car looks like it just rolled off the factory floor.
  3. Yes. Got it in my garage, running fairly well, a tad bit slow, but would love to do a 35 miler or so, could do a drive via mulholland to Encinal Canyon and up Decker into Westlake, or if that's too much, could do a longer Mulholland jaunt, into Hidden Valley, back via Newbury Park into Westlake Village. Would be great to get some TC's out on the road together! Any Sunday morning works for me.
  4. I need to find/buy a squre tooth common block timing belt for my TC with the 200hp motor (Cogsworth Maserati). If anyone can point me in the right direction, that'd be awesome. Thank you. Art
  5. I was trying to get this car two years ago from climate control storage in Hawaii, it's finally coming to me in the next couple of weeks. Any TC owners interested in doing a Sunday Morning Drive and a coffee in Mulholland/Hidden Valley area of Westlake Village in about a month or two? I have to go through it first and make sure it's healthy, but would love to get a drive with other TC owners together sometime in October.
  6. Thursday's are great for me, as that's a day off. I'd do it for sure! Thank you.
  7. Can you PM me your Canoga Park mechanic's info? Thanks, RTW.
  8. Okay, as some of you know, I'm pretty excited to welcome a 1990 16 valve TC in the coming weeks. I'm fortunate to live in a great area to DRIVE also. I'd love to invite anyone to join me for a Sunday drive just as soon as I get this baby in my garage. Currently working on installing a new Valve Cover Gasket, then it will be shipped to me. I'd estimate, if there are no other issues to deal with, I'll have it in about 4 weeks. I've got a 40 mile or so drive that I'm planning, and I'd love to have some TC owners join me! Some pics and info about the drive: Portrero/Hidden Valley, up Westlake Blvd to Mulhulland, then down to PCH and up Encinal Canyon back to Westlake. It should be magnificent and lend to some great photo ops, and lunch at the Stonehaus, a really cool place for food and a beer. (or a coke if you're driving far). Just putting it out there to check out interest. I'll do it alone, but why? Drop a note if you're interested and I'll keep you up to speed on when the TC comes home.
  9. Thank you. The part is off to the mechanic, then once installed, if the car runs with no issues, it will be awesome! Looks like I found a mechanic in Playa and one in Ventura who works on the TC. I'll keep looking for someone in the Thousand Oaks area (where I live) Or the Van Nuys/Encino area where I work, but very happy to have found the other two! This forum has been immensely helpful for a new TC guy. Thank you all!
  10. I bought it yesterday, it's in route. Thanks for the help!
  11. I'm all over this. So I need to contact joelzips@gmail.com? This is an old thread, just want to make sure this part is actually still around and available.
  12. Shelby...are you a mechanic? We ho Not too far from my work. I have the 16 valve four cylinder. So very few made. The valve cover gasket for the 6 cal is easy to find, but not mine. Thanks for the input.
  13. Hi Guys. I'm new to this site, and am happy to have found it. I've had some trouble finding a local mechanic in the Thousand Oaks area that has experience working on TC's. I've got a really nice one with low mileage being shipped to me, but I want the right person to work on it. I've also had trouble locating a Valve Cover Gasket for a 1990 2.2 turbo. I've got an inquiry into TCParts.com but i've found only the gasket for the 6 cylinder not the 4. Thanks in advance for any recommendations!
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