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1910-11 EMF Model 30???


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It's always a pleasure to bring an ID question to this Forum.  We appreciate your help so very much.
This is a rather odd postcard.  The card itself is postmarked 1930 but the vehicle on the "view" side of the postcard is much older.
We're speculating that it was simply left over from earlier publication.  So-called "Local View" postcards were hot items beginning early in the 20th Century. Interestingly, each community's drug store(s) were the main (and sometimes only) vendors of "local view" postcards.  It was a way to draw customers into their store(s).

In Prescott, Arizona, there were eventually five drug stores that competed for "local view" postcard business.  Each of the drug stores often tried various gimmicks to generate interest.  This card bears the name of Heil Drug Store, started by Frederick J. Heil Jr. around 1912, plus or minus.  Erwin Baer took the picture.  We're guessing the auto is around 1913-1914 vintage.

Anyway, I am hoping that you will ID this vehicle for me.  Once the vehicle is identified, I will be posting the card on the Prescott History Facebook group and, of course, as always we give credit to the Esteemed AACA for your awesome help and assistance.  THANK YOU!



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