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  1. Well, here's a regular buffet of early autos to identify. The archive data says it's a 1904 photo. Chances are pretty good the ages of the cars range from 1902 to 1904. At least the original photo was high enough resolution we could enlarge it and get some decent detail. Thank You for your help!!! Source of photo: http://digitallibrary.usc.edu/cdm/ref/collection/p15799coll65/id/20637
  2. Thank You, keiser31 & dictator27! Much appreciated! I stumbled across the photo of the Rambler yesterday in regard to a early 20th Century photographer. Here's an article about him: https://www.usbr.gov/lc/phoenix/AZ100/1910/the_man_behind_the_camera.html The Rambler shows up in some of his other photos so it's going to be great to be able to have the name of the vehicle. It's interesting that the name "Rambler" took a 36 year haitus! https://www.hemmings.com/stories/article/rambler-gamble
  3. I've probably spent at least two hours online today trying to ID this car. No luck. Now it's your turn. Thank You!
  4. Thanks, Randy, unfortunately, that's the highest resolution available from the archive there I found the photo. I truly wish I had a higher resolution photo.
  5. We are so Thankful for this Forum. We don't use it often, but when we do, you've never let us down. It's so great to know that the people on this Forum will ride to the rescue and identify whatever it is that shows up here. THANK YOU! OK, so we have one here that's totally stumped us. As always, we do quite a bit of online study before we come here. What are the makes and years of the four race cars shown lined up in Prescott, Arizona? We know for 100% certain sure that they were not affiliated with the 1914 Cactus Derby that passed through Prescott. We've searched Prescott newspaper for the years 1909-10-11-12 to attempt to determine if there were any auto races. There was one proposed for 1909 but it never happened. There "might" have been a Prescott-Phoenix race in 1911 but we haven't proven that yet. Judging from various online race car photos, we think these cars are circa 1910-1911. Other than that, we're clueless. THANK YOU for your help--it is MUCH appreciated!
  6. THANK YOU keiser31! That's it. Your kind help is really MUCH appreciated! The photo you found and posted seals the ID.
  7. The archive photo title says: "Blanche and Emery Kolb with 1920 auto." Indeed, the front license plate resembles a 1920 Arizona issue. Legendary Grand Canyon photographer Emery Kolb was making good enough money then to afford a new car. So, we're wondering what you think the manufacturer of this auto was. Here is the source of the photo: https://archive.library.nau.edu/digital/collection/cpa/id/21739/rec/197 And here's a good short article on The Kolb Brothers if you are interested: https://triblive.com/local/valley-news-dispatch/pittsburghs-kolb-brothers-brought-the-world-to-the-grand-canyon/ THANK YOU for your assistance--it is MUCH appreciated! John Parsons
  8. Greetings, AACA Members! The archival data on this photo states it is a 1908 Overland. However, the radiator geometry and the radiator emblem do not seem to match up with what a 1908 Overland appeared to look like. I've tried to search 1908 radiator emblems to find what it might be but have had no luck. So, that's why we're turning to The AACA Experts! THANK YOU for your help!! The photo shows a wealthy Jerome, Arizona, Doctor (or Dentist), with what is said to be the first vehicle ever driven in that famous copper mining town. You can see the archival data here: https://azmemory.azlibrary.gov/digital/collection/jermmm/id/7/rec/1
  9. Thanks Bloo! That curved front axle is pretty distinctive. I think you nailed it! THANK YOU!
  10. It's always a pleasure to bring an ID question to this Forum. We appreciate your help so very much. This is a rather odd postcard. The card itself is postmarked 1930 but the vehicle on the "view" side of the postcard is much older. We're speculating that it was simply left over from earlier publication. So-called "Local View" postcards were hot items beginning early in the 20th Century. Interestingly, each community's drug store(s) were the main (and sometimes only) vendors of "local view" postcards. It was a way to draw customers into their store(s). In Prescott, Arizona, there were eventually five drug stores that competed for "local view" postcard business. Each of the drug stores often tried various gimmicks to generate interest. This card bears the name of Heil Drug Store, started by Frederick J. Heil Jr. around 1912, plus or minus. Erwin Baer took the picture. We're guessing the auto is around 1913-1914 vintage. Anyway, I am hoping that you will ID this vehicle for me. Once the vehicle is identified, I will be posting the card on the Prescott History Facebook group and, of course, as always we give credit to the Esteemed AACA for your awesome help and assistance. THANK YOU!
  11. Many HUGE Thanks to nzcarnerd & Tinindian for helping me ID those vehicles. It's utterly fascinating those two air-cooled vehicles were in that location at that time. The water level in the Colorado River (as indicated by the dog at the edge of the sandbar) indicates a probable late July time frame--easily the hottest time of the year. Temps at Lees Ferry in July are well above 100. The Franklin was very lightweight and that helps explain how it cold have been driven across the Paria River as well as that muddy sandbar without bogging down and getting stuck. We put together a post using the two photos plus two more we found here: https://www.facebook.com/pg/US89Team/photos/?tab=album&album_id=682764762197391
  12. We appreciate this forum so much. It's been awhile since we've asked for help to ID a vehicle (or two). Your help when we were in the thick of our US 89 project was incredibly valuable, helpful, and remarkable. We are especially interested in the sedan. It appears the people near the vehicles are well dressed for that location. The photo is said to date from 1926. That year would be just before Lees Ferry became part of US 89. Knowing the year, make and model of this vehicle will hep us "attempt" to track down what it might have been doing in that truly remote location. Thank you for your help. John Parsons Idaho Falls
  13. Holiday Greetings! We appreciate the help of AACA Members in identifying vintage vehicles. Its been over a year since we asked your help in ID-ing a vehicle. Lately, we've been delving into the Idaho Transportation Dept. digital photo archives. These photos are from 1922. We think the Highway Dept back then sent one or more photographers around the state in the same vehicle...or perhaps two or more of the same make & model. The first photo is a close up of the vehicle and the second is a distant shot of the rear of what we think is the same vehicle. Source for the first close up i taken 11-25-1922 s: http://cdm16876.contentdm.oclc.org/cdm/singleitem/collection/p16876coll2/id/2690/rec/35 Source for the 2nd distant photo taken 10-24-1922 is: http://cdm16876.contentdm.oclc.org/cdm/singleitem/collection/p16876coll2/id/4990/rec/33 THANK YOU FOR YOUR HELP!!!
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