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Asheville N C


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I live 70 miles west of Asheville NC. near Franklin & Highlands.  I'm a Early Ford V8 Guy who knows nothing about the Buick Reattas, although I have a 35  Buick and once owned a 1991 Buick Riviera.

Can you be more specific what you need?  PM me if you like.


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8 hours ago, John_S_in_Penna said:

Chuck, you might want to indicate the type of car it is,

so that you will get much better results.  For example,

is it a 1964 Chevy, a 1910 Hupmobile, a 1938 Packard,

or a 1985 Jaguar?


People familiar with one type of car might not be

experts on the others.  All the best to you in your quest!

Thanks John I was looking for the reputation of a dealer in Asheville. he had a car advertised and I am 1000 miles away. I appreciate you getting back to me 

he advertised a Camaro that I had an interested in

Chuck Kerls

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