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1963 Buick Wildcat Sport Coupe *SOLD*

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*SOLD* Beautiful California car with just over 45,000 original miles. One older repaint, otherwise very original. Loaded with options including A/C, power windows, seat, antenna, tilt column, and more. Runs and drives extremely well, extensive recent maintenance including full A/C service, new exhaust, and fresh shocks. Handsome color combination with unusual padded roof and a spectacular original interior. Very solid underneath, albeit a bit grungy as you'd expect from a 55-year-old unrestored car. Great driver, plenty of punch for a big luxury barge, and I think it's gorgeous from any angle. Asking price is a reasonable $26,900. Lots more details and photos down in the Buick Buy/Sell section:



001.thumb.JPG.faabad4c2424327b8790c5052d1d7f51.JPG  005.thumb.JPG.fc04e183b0e834b24bdcbef530ffed78.JPG  006.thumb.JPG.20306a5638ae621dba9c2b939f7cbea2.JPG  008.thumb.JPG.a0e214755667ff2733adab5a66b4f620.JPG


043.thumb.JPG.826c25ab8760614d1ad651e17a55ef02.JPG  045.thumb.JPG.32a8f536352a3dce58d05f18f13c68f4.JPG  061.thumb.JPG.f497ae3286715f7278003ec7e02b51aa.JPG  064.thumb.JPG.275b34aaffe8b20a5760519a09a76041.JPG


066.thumb.JPG.82678581a97dc04477d9f4e4ce88a796.JPG  072.thumb.JPG.290fe580bd10532db8c9159201ff88e3.JPG  081.thumb.jpg.50d73c6ca3ada29bcf36d5db57468bf3.jpg  087.thumb.jpg.4f71f85533829cd56cdaf528b4ec1450.jpg

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