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'35 Airstream with '39 Transmission and overdrive

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I have a '35 Airstream coupe - c-6 - with what appears to be a '39 transmission with overdrive.   We have the three speed transmission apart and it appears some of the components may need to be replaced  -  would appreciate any leads on where to look for replacement bearings, gears etc. for a '39 Chrysler Borg Warner transmission.



Bill Stanley




Borg Warner Transmission Tag.jpg

Chrysler transmission.jpg

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If you would like to post the raised cast numbers on the gearbox case, we can perhaps confirm it is what you say.


The Hollander says it should be case T86A-1. It was used in Chrysler 1938 C18 not 7 pass. (case #682982); De Soto '38 not 7 pass.; De Soto '39 (case #679919); Chry '39 C22.


Many parts interchange between these models and earlier ones. Tell me which bits you want I might be able to give interchanges.



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