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1941 Continental offered


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Hi all,


it's been a while that I last visited this forum - after I got my 1970 Mark III I fully focused on that car. Great one, really love it. Anyway, the V12 virus was never cured and I just recently stumbled over an offer at Mesa, AZ. Its a 41 Coupe that seems to be in decent shape and reasonably priced. 

Currently I'm planning a short trip to California and consider using that stay to inspect the car. 


My questions are - does anyone know that car? My assumption is that a car like this should be known to enthusiasts and maybe someone knows the (previous) owner. Or maybe someone has previously inspected it and wants to share his impressions?

Second, is someone located nearby who might be willing to join me inspecting her? My own experience in old cars and my gut feeling have proven to be reliable however I never had a chance to touch a car like this. New challenge!

Thats the link on ebay https://www.ebay.com/itm/1941-Lincoln-Continental/274077247675


Any thoughts are welcome, to me this looks like the one I'm looking for...


Thanks and happy Thanksgiving to all of you




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          From the photos I looked at , it looks to be in real good condition. The mileage stated looks to be possible. All of the hard to get parts seem to be there- lower trim, outside rear

view mirrors, correct air cleaner. Most had O.D. . I think I can see an overdrive button  on the left side of the dash. I t would be nice to see how the trunk was finished out. With the almost flat deck lid, the Continentals often had leakage problem in the trunk. If you do make a vistit to see the car,  start it up and run it to warm it up and see if it overheats. Listen to the exhaust, and general sound of engine.

Put dealer tags on and take it out on the road. Check ou steering,  does it wander?  Try the brakes- make noise? pull to one side?.    If you can, have it put up on a lift check ou t the sheet metal - are the

floors solid? sheet metal patches? any leals-  oil, gear oil, brake fluid. How does the wiring look?  old, tattered. , patched up, or good ?

          If possible, contact the Lincoln and Continenal Owners Club and see if there is someone in the club that may live near by could check it out or meet you there? If you really like the car - offer him $25  K.   Pick a number and hold the line!    Good Luck    Larry


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I think it's kinda tacky, and I love blue cars....Its nice , but has no overdrive, so, you wont want to go any distance, or speed,

and dare I say it, values of our beloved  cars are lower than they should be, it is a buyers market..

look at others many 41's for sale-- If you do want to bid, ask to see the build card with 

notation about the paisley--if you want to drive much, and these are nice roadcars, you need overdrive. 

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