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1940 Buick roadmaster transmission

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17 minutes ago, 2carb40 said:

1939 is cable shift, no interchange. 1941 has different case to accommodate mount change. Other years "fit" but aren't the "same"/correct. 

1941 also had some different gears.  The 1941 transmission gears fit various Buicks all the way to and thru 1960. 1939 gas different gears also.  1940 big series is all by itself.

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On 10/1/2019 at 7:36 AM, lhend50 said:

What models of Buick have the same transmission as a roadmaster. Also what other years would be the same as a 1940. 

Thanks in advance


1940 60 Century

1940 80 Roadmaster

1940 90 Limited

all have the same transmission (for 320ci engine).

As posts above, some internal parts are the same as other years.  And some internal parts 1940 only


What is wrong with your transmission?

I have an MS execl file that lists part number vs year/model


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