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'55 Cadillac, Model A/ early Ford, Desoto Hemi parts to Hershey


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 1955 Cadillac

    -Grille and bumper -$550

    -Hood (1 dent) -$150

    -LF Fender -$175

    -RF Fender -$175

    -Trunk Lid -$150

    -Radiator support -$50

Model A Ford

    -Good '29 engine on stand -$500 engine, $250 stand

    -Grille shells -$100

    -Headlights/bars -$ varies

    -Various Carburetors, manifolds, etc

    -'33-'34 "C" heads

    -'30-'31 windshield frames -$125

    -Rebuilt front axle assy spindles, steering arms, tie rods, wishbone -$275

    -lots of model a stuff

 1933-34 Ford pickup cowl (firewall, cowl vent, w/s frame) -$350

 274/391 DeSoto Hemi heads complete -$400


  **Spaces C4Y 1-3 north Chocolate  -PM if you see something you need.



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