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1924 Buick 6 Cylinder Water Tube


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1 hour ago, Gary Nielson said:

20240309_130656.jpg.a813e5376b2c61f00fea010d038de0a3.jpgRoger McGinnis  completed another water tube for my 1927 Buick , excellent work  and was an exact replacement. Great job Roger20240309_151507.jpg.d44a5b47290396a26264a5443440f006.jpg






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@29StudiePrez  contact Roger McGinnis at roger.mcginnis@outlook.com.  I will send you a PM with his phone number as I do not know if he would want it posted here.  See below for the tube he made me.


Water Tube for 1921 Buick Model 46 - 4 Passenger Coupe - Made by Roger McGinnis in 2023

Original rusted out tube and new copper tube side by side.  Also see that my original tube from my highly original car was plated - not painted black.  Plating still there at the rear curve on right side of picture.




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