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1931 Custom Series Bumper center clamp Wanted

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Need bumper center clamp(s) for our 1931 Custom Club Sedan project. We would be happy to reproduce in fine detail (investment cast) if we could borrow a clean original. 

Also could use a set of 4 fine original bumper outer clamps, or one to borrow to reproduce. 

Also need one interior door handle in good condition.


Tom Rasmussen

Odyssey Restorations, Inc.




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Tom, oddly the outer bumper clamps look very "Packard" like all be it my best guess is Peerless ones are more smooth on tops verses the Packard ones more mirror the Packard grill  shape - just a thought as Packard reproductions in brass have been done before many times and you stand a good chance of finding a pair (and perhaps a "Packard" set could be modified slightly modified to fit). 


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