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Help with 1928-1932 ford employee badge radiator

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That is fake, or more precisely a modern piece made for the people who went on a Model A Ford Club National Tour in 2010...


You will find many others with the same layout, an A and what is now an obvious modern year, but there might be other differences so here’s pictures of an original. The biggest difference is price, this one was on the inexpensive side at just over $250 where the modern ones can be found under $30



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Funny, I just saw the badge on eBay for $150, too good to be true usually is... If you compare the pin you will see the difference between them, another thing is that finishing on the back side.


If you are serious about finding good information, there’s a book on the Ford Employee Badges that was put out by someone in the V8 club I think, it covered these down to which letters and numbers worked for which department. I don’t have the book, but have heard it also covers the common and obscure forgeries. Here’s a link to an old Hemings add:





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Yeah. I ended up finding all the information i could about the pins. Appearently this is a pin remade for an event in 2010...shouldnt have been remade but i did learn a lot of interesting stuff about the ford motor company. I think it would been pretty neat to hold a pin worn by someone who helped build model a's. Thanks 

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2 hours ago, keiser31 said:

It's actually a representation of a Model T radiator and not a Model A radiator.


True, but I’m pretty sure they used it into the early 30’s when they changed over to one similar to this one but with an oval top. That book would give exact information about this... 


On a side note, there was one with that radiator shape behind a locomotive that was for Henry’s railroad, the Detroit, Toledo, and Ironton. It sold north of $1500 with MANY people bidding. I probably have a picture of it somewhere but can’t seem to find it right now.


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