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Mercedes "SA" 5-digit Option Codes- Help Needed

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During the 1950s Mercedes-Benz used a series of 5-digit numeric codes to describe specific factory options that were to be added to a basic vehicle. Usually, but not always, these five numbers were preceded by the letters "SA" on the vehicle's Lieferschein (delivery note / build sheet). 

I am attempting to compile a full list of these codes as used during the 1950s and so far have accounted for approximately 200 examples. Other codes used during the 1960s and up to and including the present day are relatively easy to find, but, unfortunately, are not what I'm seeking.

If anyone has a complete list of the 1950s codes from M-B or has access to a Lieferschein with legible SA codes, I would appreciate receipt of same as an addition to the ever growing data base. Feel free to post a response here or directly to ejb@elilaw.net

Thank you, E.J. Boyd

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Contact the Studebaker National Museum.


Remember, Studebaker-Packard handled the distribution of Mercedes Benz vehicles in North America from 1957 through 1965.  They might have some literature in their archives.



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The AACA library might be able to help as well.  Members get an hour of research free, if I remember correctly.  The library is really an overlooked benefit, imo for many members.


Mr. Boyd we met at a show in LI a few years back and had a nice visit.  I think the venue was called Westbury.  A nice day, no one was more surprised than me to place with our well traveled but still clean 560SL.  😊

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