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1941 Ford Woodie in the General Discussion Forum

Joe Cocuzza

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Just passing this along.

As posted by the OP in the General Discussion Forum.



"Are there any woody experts here I can contact regarding a 41 ford woody?  I may sell one and am looking for fair market value for a complete car with good steel but roached wood, really roached wood."


41 ford1.JPG

41 ford2.JPG

41 ford3.JPG

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Hi Mercer '09. So have you restored the '41 with "lot of wood"?  See my comments under original listing by 

Flathead1, 4/15/19. I'm looking for such a "parts car". Photos posted. Being new to the site, its taken me a few hours to figure out how to follow through.  Alburnseeker was the first to break the log jam.    Thank you. Doug 323 333-7060.  dr.huse@att.net. 

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