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  1. Hi Mercer '09. So have you restored the '41 with "lot of wood"? See my comments under original listing by Flathead1, 4/15/19. I'm looking for such a "parts car". Photos posted. Being new to the site, its taken me a few hours to figure out how to follow through. Alburnseeker was the first to break the log jam. Thank you. Doug 323 333-7060. dr.huse@att.net.
  2. Flatheadkid1 , Please call me if you still have have the '41, after almost a year. I sent you an email but may not be current. I had a recent garage fire as pictured. Woody was badly singed on drivers side. I am looking for a donor 41 for glass, grill, lights, many items except the wood which can be saved on the drivers side. I still have to work out a few logistics as I have no garage for the remainder of the year. Thank you, Doug 323 333-7060 dr.huse@att.net
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