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  1. It looks like it is off of a Deusenberg model J or SJ. They may also be used on Cadillac V8’s or Stutz. That is as detailed as I can get at the moment. The replacement from Classic & Exotic Services looks very nice and is probably a better fit for my application considering the material and the fact that it is repurposed for a non Deusenberg racing application. Here is a picture of the entire distributor assembly on an engine and the replacement upper housing I need. Thanks to all for the help!!!
  2. Edinmass. Can you point me in the direction of the replacement bronze housing you mentioned? Even if it is a bare casting, I can machine it. thanks
  3. The overall diameter is 4-7/16" The pilot that the distributor cap fits over is approximately 4.110" and the original drive shaft diameter is .350" I forgot to mention that this had a 33-35 Packard super 8 style (2 piece) distributor cap on it but I do not believe this is a Packard distributor, I may be incorrect though.
  4. I am trying to identify the year and type of car or truck this Delco distributor came off of. It is a pot metal 8 cylinder distributor that sat on a base/tower. The pot metal is cracked everywhere. The only clue as to an origin is a gelco number on the bottom 036334 but I think this is the housing number and not the assembly number. Any help identifying this or with finding a usable replacement is greatly appreciated. Please disregard the drive dog as this is not original and was modified for racing use in the late 1940's. Thank You Eric
  5. If anyone has an extra Sunnen CR-2100 mandrel they are willing to sell please let me know. The CR series are specifically for connecting rods, have adjustable shoes and wide honing stones. Thank You flatheadkid1
  6. A huge thank you to all for helping to ID this distributor. I bought it thinking it was a Nash twin 8. Hopefully I will be able to sell this and find what I am looking for.
  7. Alex D. Thank You! If there is a Cadillac owner in need of this distributor, message me.
  8. I believe this to be an early Cadillac V16 distributor. 1932 to 1937 perhaps. Can someone here confirm or dispute my conclusion? Any help is greatly appreciated. The Gag reads model number 4118 serial number 164.
  9. I have a 1941 ford woody project for sale. This is a very complete car. Many aspects of the 41 model year woody are unique to that year and all of the hard pieces to locate are here. Most of the wood needs replaced but there are savable pieces on the interior. The floors are all there. As you would expect there are areas that need repaired on the floors. The rockers also need repair. All of the glass is original ford. It has 1951 mercury engine in it. It was last started and driven in 1974. I have a few extra parts for it that go with the car. Please message me with e-mail address for more pictures. Please specify if you would like pictures of specific areas. I have a clear title in my name. Asking price is $6,500 obo.
  10. Here are some interior pictures
  11. Here are some profile pictures of the 41 woody
  12. Today is the first nice day I didn't have to work so here is a woody update. Overall the floor is all there but needs patch work. The rockers need attention as well. I am told that this is a late production 41 due to the trim and 5 digit number on the firewall. A few people who have looked at it have been amazed at how complete it is and showed me the many details that make this a 1 year only woody. Now that I have a clear title in my name it is for sale. I hope it makes someone a good project.
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