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Gone With The Wind

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It's 1939 and the movie "Gone With The Wind " is premiering . For some of the lucky buyers of the 1939 Lincoln Zephyr received from participating Dealers an envelope  promoting the movie and the car ,that held the keys to your new car.  The envelope was also your ticket to view the new movie. I found this one a few years back and keep it in the glovebox of my 39 LZ coupe. Thought this was fitting since this year marks the 80th year and the movie is being shown at selected theaters around the country.  


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I saw this movie almost forty years ago when I was 6 or 7 at the Redford Theater in Metro Detroit.  I did not understand it all at the time but I remember thinking that I liked the movie.


It's funny how things come about "full circle."  A few years before that, my grandfather had bought the car that I have now.  I remember going with him to see the car once, about the time I saw the movie.  He had it stored in a rented space near his house in someone's garage at that point.  Little did I know then that the car would eventually become mine.


It's funny how seemingly random events in a lifetime become interconnected.  Some might even call it serendipity.

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