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When Your Vehicle is Being Judged at Hershey

Peter J.Heizmann

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Hi, folks. Some thoughts from the past that may be of help.

There are 3 "hobbys" coexisting at any show: Vehicle Owners, Judging, and, Spectators.

Hershey generates a large amount of all 3.

I am basing this topic on my past experience, a post of a few years ago from judges actually getting hurt in the process. Car owners know that parking is a little tight due to the number of cars, compounded with many spectators.

In my case in 2000 at the time the judging team started, I had a neighboring car owner with his door open to show his interior to a spectator, 3 of the judges were trying to get past 4 spectators looking at my car, the interior judge was frustrated with the "crowd". In the posts from a few years ago, judges cited how spectators actually have stepped on their hands, people bumped them hard, tripped over them while doing the undercarriage and so on. Some owners stated people brushed up against their vehicle due to the crowd.

My approach, so all 3 groups can enjoy their day is:

When the judges start on your vehicle, police the area of spectators. Politely request that people step aside during judging, you appreciate their cooperation as your car is being judged, and you will be happy to answer questions, or, chat when the judges are finished. I have done it a few times and it made life easier for everyone.

Just some thoughts...

Regards, Peter J.

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Good tips Peter. I'd like to add a few myself. Stay with your car if you want it judged, or assign someone to open the hood,trunk and doors. Have all your paperwork filled out and documention literature ready.If there is a large crowd around your car, it is there for a reason. Enjoy the day!

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