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  1. Contact Maxwell West aka Merle Simonsma about the tail light. He might be able to help. They turn up on e-bay about once every couple years. Says #4 on top. Horn looks like a bugle style, round opening, mounts horizontal to the right side of the firewall or the body. Opening faces forward. Never saw one like the catalog illustration mounted vertical facing down. Merle might know the story on that one.
  2. Great that we get some exposure on TV, didn't realize that they were next door! Guess I was off shopping. Early Thursday (? time blurs at Hershey) they paged somebody from the Weather Channel to move their car. No, it was not Kelsa, might have been Marshal. Anybody see anything on the Weather Channel, my dish wasn't working but I left the TV home. Jim Dix Old car guy and weather nut.
  3. 1976 Pontiac LeMans Sport Coupe Limited Edition Golden Anniversary Model. 9782 original miles, Automatic, 350, White vinyl interior, Lime Green exterior, NY inspected, Power Steering, power Disc Brakes, Tinted Glass, Air, AM radio, Rear window defogger, Remote right mirror, side body molding with chrome fender well trim, Full wheel covers, GR78-15 White wall tires. This car is all original except for the battery and muffler! It has never been driven in winter & has been kept in a garage at all times. The paint & finish condition is excellent and it runs great. There has been minor repair to the front edge of the hood and there are a couple of dings to the chrome fender well trim. We have the original bill of sale dated 6.4.1976 and all service receipts. I am contact for a friend selling this fantastic car purchased new by his aunt. There are pictures available, please e-mail.
  4. Jim Dix

    Ok, I give up!

    Vern has rebuilt my carb and it looks wonderful! He certainly knows the peculiarities of the beast! The car can't be run at the moment but I'll give it a try when it can and let you know how it runs.
  5. Jim Dix

    Ok, I give up!

    What are people using for carburators on AA's? The maxwell carb is going in a box for when somebody else wants to make it a show car. So far an NH is the choice.
  6. Do the window frames interchange? If they do it's a start. Check the glass size. If they're right the contours could be all wrong..............
  7. Jim Dix

    New Castle

    How many folks are planning on it? We finally decided to go. Jim Dix
  8. We've got a Tahoe as well and if I recall correctly it's rated at 7000 for a trailer. I think 9000 is pushing it, no pun intended! How about an Expedition, 250 Surburban, Freightliner.... <img src="http://www.aaca.org/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/wink.gif" alt="" />
  9. I caught that! I guess we have the same approach to the history and I don't think it can be written in its entirety. A massive book on AACA is one thing, and what I asked for. I'd like to know about the guys out there collecting cars in the 30's, 40's, and the early 50's. I know Barnie Pollard was an early collector with his cars stacked on end, but what did he have and where did they go. Austin Clark had the museum on Long Island and I'm sure it's documented somewhere. A lot of early collectors were a bit eccentric and didn't want people poking around. Early museum catalogs would be a great place to start. Maybe I should start looking for them. Thanks to all who have contributed so far.
  10. On the inside cover of the latest Antique Automobile is a photo of James Melton's Museum. I also have a book written by Mr. Melton about his collection and how and where he bought some of his cars. At this point Mr. Melton is nearly forgotten, along with other early collectors. Our club prides itself as being founded in 1935. This is great, but as I grow older and as the collectors who started our hobby grow older and pass to the great beyond, I wonder what is being done to preserve the history of our hobby and where it is documented. Who were the folks that in 1935 started our club? What cars did they have? Why did they start the club? What photographic documents exist of the early meets? Saving our historical cars is one thing but have we saved the history of our hobby? I think it's something we need to do before its too late! If it's not already.
  11. I too was rather, er, upset as I was told several Rosters ago that my business was not appropriate for advertising in the roster! Now we get a real estate book with hot rods!
  12. Jim Dix

    Wheel Bearings

    I replaced the ball bearings on my AA with Timkins. Made a spacer for the inside and a threaded bushing for the outer (5/8-20 right hand and left hand). Inner Timkin X30206M cone, Y30206 cup. Outer Timkin LM72849 cone, LM72810 cup. Seal CR 16180. From your friendly local industrial bearing supplier, Applied, Kaman, etc.. Offered with no guarantees.
  13. I have received a response from Merle Simonsma, who is having trouble with the latest revision of the forum. His response is as follows: "Jim, you're right, the '11 AB had the taller neck. The straight side tool box was used on the '09 Jr. and the '09 A. Cast brake shoes were last used on the '10 AA and then changed to pressed steel shoes. Magnitos came on the '09 LD and used on '10 AA thru '12 AC. Merle" I have the issue of the "Gazette" mentioned above and it is indeed a much better history of the Maxwell - Briscoe company, but still a bit short on evolution of the cars. Colors are well covered in the artical.
  14. I have had a 1910 Model AA two cylinder runabout for a couple years. I have read all the information that I have been able to find, original and modern on the cars. Nowhere have I been able to find a time line to identify the changes thru the time period even from the the introduction of the Model A in "1909" until the two cylinders were discontinued. I have picked up the 1909 had a square tool box as opposed to the tapered one used later. The later cars, (1911 on?) had a taller radiator neck. Sometime along I understand the brakes were changed, but don't know what was done or when. There were less visable changes such as the addition of the magneto. The colors changed thru the years from red to blue, and apparently the trim color changed with the blue. I have seen or heard little about the serial numbers thru the years and what I have seen is confusing, perhaps serial numbers were assigned without regard for models. That about sums up my ability to make a timeline. Is there anyone out there that can help out? Does any information exist in the MoPar archives?
  15. I know it's tough if not impossible to do, but it used to be you could not be on the field unless you were a judge or car owner until after the judging was over. Just announcing it would keep the honest ones out.