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Cassette/LCD monitor swap

Geoff Meador

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Hey all,

Random thoughts on my latest brainstorm follow.

My tape deck is currently non-functional. Furthermore, I really don't own any cassettes. I've got this itch to swap a 5- or 6-inch LCD monitor into its spot on the dash.

So a couple of questions arise:

Has anyone done this before?

Would a disconnected cassette deck cause any noticeable errors or malfunctions (other than a diagnostic error code, I assume)?

Anyone know how to use the wiring currently connected to the deck to get other audio into the system? How could you activate the input, since the system checks for a tape in the deck?

Answers to these and more would be greatly appreciated.


Geoff Meador

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You don't own any cassettes?? How about <span style="font-weight: bold">Eight Tracks</span>?? Just the ticket for your Reatta. Whoops, just changed tracks in the middle of the sentence. wink.gifwink.gif

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Two comments:

- ever hear the term "daylight readable" used with an LCD ? If not, try to read a laptop outside in sunlight. The Reatta display is very bright.

- the casette is on the "serial data link". Not certain exactly what it is but don't think it is RS-232.

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Erm... just to clarify things (after receiving a couple of emails):

1. I'm not taking the Reatta's monitor out. I'm leaving it there. I'm only talking about the separate tape deck.

2. I am considering an automotive LCD screen like those used for mobile DVD players. In fact, that's the use I had in mind. They tend to be very visible in moderate-or-less light levels.

3. I don't have tapes 'cause I'm a CD-R man, myself cool.gif

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I believe the error code would be a "hidden" one.

However, you could simply tell the computer that the car never had a cassette deck. On an '89 the proceedure should be as follows:

1.)Get into diagnostic mode by pushing the climate control's "warm" and "off" soft-keys simultainiously.

2.)Select BCM then BCM over-ride.

3.)Select BS07.

4.)Remember this displayed number so you can return the BCM programming to normal if this doesn't work as we hope.

5.)The display should read "236" (on an '89)Push over-ride down arrow until code "228" is displayed (the option value of the cassette deck is "8").

6.)To store the new option content code: Press and simultainiously hold for more than 3 seconds the "GAGES" and "OPTIONS" hard-keys.

7.)Turn the key off and then back on.

8.)Select the "RADIO" hard-key from the display surround.

9.)The "play" soft-key for the cassette deck should no longer appear.

The proceedure for an '88 should be the same, however I would imagine the option values would be different as the "option" content of the '88 and '89 models are not identical.

Good Luck!

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