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Side Curtain ID tags for sale


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I've done a couple of early car side curtain sets, and found the originals had tags to identify the curtains.  This may seem simplistic, the way I describe it is next time you're in a rainstorm and asking your partner to hand you the "left rear" side curtain, you'd be happy you had these on! First picture shows an original style tag, second picture shows new, reproduced, tags.


These measure 2-1/4 inch by 9/16 inch, and can be either ironed on (has heat glue on reverse) or sewn on as the originals.


$20 a set of six, postpaid anywhere in Continental US.  Contact me at david.coco@comcast.net if interested.  Thanks!

original tag.jpg


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13 hours ago, 23hack said:

I have never seen the like! I greatly enjoy your postings.


Thank you!  These were fairly common on original curtain for some makes, but never got replaced when new curtains were made over the years.  I'd never seen them reproduced, so did so for a set of early curtains I was replicating, and made extra.....

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Hi- yes, they were made for any side curtains that had three curtains on each side, the picture is just a generic illustration.


Some tops had four curtains on each side, usually the additional curtain was a rectangular panel that filled in length for a large car.  These could be used on such curtains but that insert panel would be unlabeled.


thanks dc

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