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High quality of judging at 2017 Charlotte Meet


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As a participant in class judging at Charlotte this year, you might like to know the high level of class judging that took place.  The captain of the team that judged Class 31 is an enduring testament to the excellence of AACA judging.  He took the time to point out a fact that I had overlooked.  The original plug wires on the 1956 Thunderbird had the cylinder number stamped on the metal contact that goes into the distributor.  They were numbered at the factory to assist with the assembly process.  The current authentic reproductions on my car are marked with numbered tape which should be removed before the car is shown, as these were not installed at the factory.  The team captain took the time to point this out to me.  With over three hundred cars to be judged, this level of generosity was even more highly regarded and appreciated.  It is this kind of judging that presents an attractive picture of AACA and its contribution to the betterment of the hobby.


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