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1926 REO Speedwagon "G" Model search

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You could join the Reo Club of America . There is about 12 Reo members in Australia . The major collector from what I can make out is Peter Andersen . He has a 1924 , 1925 ,1927 speed wagon . I believe he sells parts also . I do not have a telephone number for him . He lives in Deepwater , NSW . Good luck with your find . I used to own a 1926 Reo T6 Sedan a very solid and dependable car .

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Thanks Mark, I am heading through Deepwater at Christmas and intend to call and see Peter, I was past his place a couple of months ago but was unable to contact him, hopefully more success this time. I intend to join the Reo club in the new year (just one of those things i have not got around to yet)

Again Thanks.

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